Farmer's Table

This year, One Coastal Farm is kicking some major butt. Thanks to our rockin' chef Stu, Scott has more time to devote to working the farm - and work it is! From planning the crops with the proper rotation to ensure awesome soil all season, to the actual planting, never-ending weeding (oh my gaaaaash, the weeds!), and of course harvesting...Scott has to do it all (not gonna lie, sometimes I steal the berries for a snack, don't tell.). It's definitely paid off in past years, but this is One Coastal Farm's BEST. YEAR. YET. and we love sharing that with you! Although our Farm Table is finished for the season, we're definitely looking forward to bringing it back - bigger and better and hopefully more frequently! - next season. Thanks for supporting local!

Eat Like a Local Farmer's Table!



There's a reason that Scott & I decided to settle in Fenwick, and it's because our roots here already ran deep. We grew up here; we played on these beaches as crazy kids, we made some of our best friends in elementary | middle | high school here, and most important of all - our families are here. To us, there was something magnetic about coming "home" after years of being elsewhere. (When we graduated high school we couldn't run away from Sussex County fast enough. Scott to Charleston and then eventually Alaska and St. Augustine and I to Boulder, Colorado. Our 18 year-old selves would have sworn we'd never be back - silly kids!)  But eventually and maybe inevitably we came back. We came home. We wanted to live where we were comfortable, to a place that eases your mind and fortifies your soul, and (usually) where the food is pretty damn good. And what do you know? When you step through our door, that's where you'll find yourself, too

welcome home.

Be our guest!

*menu not set in stone & subject to change based on ingredient availability, etc. Thanks for understanding!



Sunday thru Wednesday 5:00 - 9:00 PM

Thursday | Friday | Saturday: 5:00 - 9:30 PM 

*No breakfast after July 9th!

Snuggled between our favorite neighbors, Indigo Octopus & Fenwick Bike Shop, in the heart of Fenwick Island, DE at 101 Coastal Highway #6.

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